If We Were Having Coffee…

I’ve noticed this pop up on my news feed and I love the idea.

This morning it’s overcast and the sky looks ready to let loose at any moment. So I’ll invite you to a place near my work where they serve cupcakes, coffee and tea. Though I’ve heard about it for the last couple of years I only ventured in recently and fell in love.


Since I’ve got our budget at the back of my mind you’ll be pleased to know that you can get a gourmet cupcake and small tea for $5. We’d settle into one of the couches, maybe the one with the table made of a refurbished door.

Now that we’re comfortable, what shall I tell you?

I’ll tell you that my week off feels so long ago. Though my productivity at work has definitely increased I’m exhausted when I get home. So filling up the account is becoming more difficult again. I really have to ask myself, ” Are you finding this relaxing or soothing?”

I suspect I need to institute hermit weekends – where I promise myself and ML that we won’t make plans with others.

I’ll tell you that my favourite part of the day is the morning, when I set my alarm so that I can consciously cuddle with ML before making us morning beverages. He has his coffee in bed while I take my tea to Bunny’s room where we hang out and cuddle, watch Netflix or do Yoga while she eats. It turns out we both got used to the cuddle time while I was on vacation and it’s a lovely way to start the day.


I’ll tell you that I started working out at home again and I’m loving it though I know I’m not pushing myself hard enough. I stop at the first sign of fatigue rather than taking a rest and doing another set. ML is trying to help with that as he’s fairly active and enjoys working out, particularly in groups. I’ve broken up with my scale and renewed my relationship with my measuring tape so I can have a better relationship with my body.

I’ll ask what’s going on in your life, how did March treat you?

Photo by Apolonia courtesy of FreeDigitalPhoto.net


One thought on “If We Were Having Coffee…

  1. I just discovered this thread last night, wrote my first post yesterday, and I’m loving your post. I love the sound of your morning routine; that’s precisely what I wrote about, as well. Making breakfast with our kiddo is a wondrous part of my day! 😀


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