Debriefing March 2016


  •  # Buy nothing days : 14 days (really surprised considering the spending)
  • # times used S’mores Maker (aiming for 8 uses in 2016): 2
  • # times used champagne saucers (aiming for 7 uses in 2016): 3+0=3
  • # times ate out: 20
  • # activities with friends/family: 18
  • # months until home improvement fund: 5 months
  • % over or under budget: 11%over budget (deep breathing!)
  • % consumer debt paid off: 26% for a total of 78% of the debt being paid since August.


  • Not being angry by the fact that we went over budget.
  • I’ve been good at submitting my nsurance claims and the company’s turn around is great!


  • Used my car savings, gift savings, fun fund (for wine tour ticket)
  • ML has been saving for a computer for us and we decided to purchase though he hadn’t received the final payment to afford the computer. My savings accounts were able to fill these gaps for us


  • We spent double our budget on eating out.
  • Gifts! Gifts were an expensive cost.
  • This month was a dip in the road of budget planning not a hole, so I can keep driving along
  • I’m a bit nervous about next month as I’ve had to increase my savings substantially to accommodate being able to attend a wedding in May


I’m impressed at how far I’ve come. I don’t like that I overspent, as it means that next month there’s less money for debt repayment, but I’m not beating myself up about it.

I think this has to do with the fact that the spending wasn’t mindless. Yes we ate out but each meal was memorable for some reason e.g. birthday celebration, good visit with friend/family.


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