Vacation Lessons

I’m so glad I took last week with ML. Filling up the emotional bank account with good stuff has definitely been great.

ML and I  have different interests and due to our work schedules we often take separate vacations. When we do take vacation together we often have big plans: renovations, road trips, etc. It was nice to spend time together yet apart.

We did things together but also enjoyed our own interests in different rooms. It was a bit of a relief to find out we could do it without one of us feeling neglected.

It was a great lesson! Here are a few more to help me maintain my calm:

  • Reinstitute morning tea with Bunny. The one on one cuddles does us both a world of good
  • I’ve got loads of things that relax me; aim to do more than binge watch Netflix with ML on an evening
  • The doodling helped me in a way that lists don’t… Maybe add it to my work format
  • I’m going to keep up the doodling journal but maybe adjust it to weekly “bank deposits” rather than the daily ones I’ve been posting

Here’s to a great week back at work!

Thanks so much for all your tips and encouragement!


2 thoughts on “Vacation Lessons

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