Friday Flow

Today felt like the last day of vacation as the weekend seems like a slow slide to back to work.

It was a good mix of errands and relaxation. We planned our menu for the Sunday lunch we’re hosting for friends, meals for the beginning of the week and the items we’re taking to our families for Easter celebrations.

The Bunny has her own room in our home and as she doesn’t have a healthy respect for other’s personal property we just keep her in that room. As we’ve been spending loads of time with her and tidying up a lot today we brought her to the basement for playtime.


It took her a while to warm upbut once she did she was in heaven, in the photo she’s just gotten back into her cage. After 2 hours of exploring I packed her back up and took her to her room. The goal is to keep this up so she could spend more time with us while we are in different rooms.


Budget: over budget by $35. Not great but if I can manage to stop spending it’ll be alright as I can use the fun fund. In spite of being over budget I’m feeling good because I hadn’t planned on taking this week off and spend as much in eating out. Having neither of us cook a whole lot this week was lovely!

To be honest I ate out way more than anticipated the entire month. It’s had an impact on my budget and waistline. So my aim is to stop eating out for the rest of the month and make healthier choices at home.


2 thoughts on “Friday Flow

  1. Love the bunny.
    Sounds like you are living within reasonable means. Your attention to details will help your reign things in when necessary. The trick is to NEVER become complacent. Glad you had a chance to enjoy a little variety from the usual home meals. Sounds like you are ready to get back on the path you have chosen.

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