Thursday: family and friends

We both stayed in bed until at least 10 so I got a bit nervous I wouldn’t get enough relaxation in. Not true! The only thing I didn’t do was have a proper bit of exercise.

We got to see both our families for short periods and went out with friends of ML to try a new sushi place in town.

The roughest part of the weekend, I find, is doing laundry and groceries. Almost all the laundry was finished on Thursday night and we’re going to do menu planning and groceries today.

Hopefully this leaves the weekend completely free for the two social items on our calendar.


How are you feeling as your week comes to a close?


8 thoughts on “Thursday: family and friends

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig

    It sounds like you had a great day with family and friends! I hear you on the laundry! If I don’t get to the loads in my house soon I fear they will get up and walk away. The good news is I made it to the grocery store this morning and made it through the shopping fast enough. 🙂

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  2. GeorgieMoon

    I love your doodles! Looks like you have a clear weekend now. We have family coming for brunch on Sunday so tomorrow will be spent cleaning, shopping and getting ready for the invasion!

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  3. Like you, I try to plan ahead. It reduces stress and allows for modifications if necessary as the weekend comes closer. My wife and I grocery shop a little differently since I am more concerned about “clean” (as far as health is concerned) foods.
    Guys never have to worry about weekly laundry. By turning our clothing inside out we get two wearings out of each garment reducing the frequency of laundry to every 2 weeks.. 😀 (Yes, I’m kidding!)
    Glad to see you had some good time with family and friends. Social interaction is an important component for a healthy balanced life.
    Enjoy your weekend!

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  4. Hahahahaha! I went straight to the doodle and was wondering “what on Earth are those pink things???? They look like marshmallows and fish? Sushi would make more sense…” then I scrolled back up to read the post. Good day! Yay, I love having all the work done and having a “free” weekend. Enjoy!

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