Nothing to wear

I was packing away my laundry this weekend and suddenly felt like I didn’t have a single interesting thing to wear. In fact I felt that I had worn every piece of clothing multiple times and must look like I don’t have a good selection

The itch for a new look took hold and though I tried to fight, I didn’t last long. In the past this would have meant a visit to a store to get a few key pieces to enhance my look. Since I attempted Project 33 last month, this time it meant a trip to my basement to find a few pieces to add.

I found 10 tops that excited me and tried them on. Two immediately went into the donate bin as they were rather unflattering. Faced with 8 new pieces I turned to the items that were in the wardrobe and removed 8 pieces that just weren’t as exciting this time around. These were pieces that for whatever reason I felt I was wearing too often.

Since beginning Project 33 I’ve been tracking the items I’ve worn to work. Remember that I said I felt I had worn everything multiple times and had nothing new to add? Turns out this is a case where feelings and reality differ. Here’s what really happened (the number is the number of times I’ve worn the item in the last 24 working days):

  • 5 grey snap pants
  • 4 black pants
  • 4 grey pants
  • 3 brown pants
  • 3 Aztec sweater
  • 3 black shrug
  • 3 blue camisole
  • 3 teal camisole
  • 3 purple sweater
  • 2 black camisole
  • 2 black sweater
  • 2 green and black top
  • 2 grey top
  • 2 grey dress
  • 2 orange dress
  • 2 pink and black sweater
  • 2 purple top
  • 2 striped top
  • 1 pink top
  • 1 tan camisole
  • 1 teal top
  • 1 white sweater

Though the numbers clearly show that I haven’t been over wearing these 22 pieces I obviously felt differently. The beauty of Project 33 is that this time I was able to gain the satisfaction of shopping, including browsing, without leaving my home or spending a dime.

Those 8 pieces I swapped? I’ve put them in an empty bin in my basement so when next I go ‘shopping’ I won’t dip into them first. My hope is that I will end up wearing a greater selection of my clothes and combat wardrobe boredom.


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