Vacation Plans!

So next week is the big week: a week of vacation!

Since I’ve been feeling fairly anxious my therapist recommended that I do a strange thing and relax this vacation and work on finding my balance again. Being me I began to worry that I wouldn’t know how to relax. I fall into the trap of feeling like I should be doing something if I’m too relaxed. I’m a list maker so I did what I do best and made a list of things to help me relax.

In the spirit of vacation, it’s not a true list it’s a selection of ideas that I can choose to do if the spirit moves me:


The little green box on the bottom is the ‘have to’ list. Notice how small it is? This way I can’t add stuff to it.

I’ve got to admit that I was also a bit afraid that a week vacation may be an excuse to blow the budget but all the relaxing things are free. The only cost I can see is some additional eating out as ML and I want to do a pizza/pj day with each other and maybe go out for dinner.

Our plan is to have  easy to make food and a selection of snacks so we’re not worrying about menu planning or dishes.

If you had a week with a prescription to relax, what would it look like?



11 thoughts on “Vacation Plans!

  1. I love the list. I like to bring books, but then I often find myself just sitting around people watching or day dreaming or zoning out, and taking naps. Make sure you don’t use that list to give yourself pressure to “do” things! 😛

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    1. I know! It’s the danger with us 😉
      I decided to do similar maps for each day so I’m not looking at the list but sketching/doodling relaxing stuff.

      I figure it’ll keep me grateful and inspired to see each day as a blank page of fun.


    1. It’s lovely and a bit scary to realize I’m not alone in my dilemma.
      I often blog at work as I have a computer there whereas our computer just died at home so I use my phone.
      I will definitely share snippets this week but it most likely look a bit different than my usual posts.

      I love your suggestions! There is a window in our home that is perfect for cloud watching :). I’m laying at the right angle now go see the bare tree tops and the marshmallow fluff sky

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