Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day

I’ve been aiming to write this post but I’ve been hesitant because it deals with a squeamish topic for some: menstruation. So if this isn’t your cup of tea, stop reading. I mean it! Come back tomorrow! I’ll be posting about my vacation plans then, it’ll be fun.


Still here? Great! So, March 8th is International Woman’s Day and it got me thinking about the fact that there are so many prices to pay for being a woman. I’m not going to speak of all of them but I will touch on the pink tax. The fact that women pay more for the same product, which is why I invest in as many men ‘beauty’ products as I can. Unfortunately men don’t get periods so there are to be no savings for me. So every month I purchased ‘female sanitary products’ and frankly it’s an astounding amount that came out of my misc. budget.

Then life changed in the form of the Diva Cup. Before I tell you my story please know that just because it worked for me doesn’t mean that you should do it. If you’re female, you’re used to people telling you what you should or should not do to/with your body. This isn’t one of those. It’s YOUR body! Do what makes you happy and comfortable.

Now I’ll share the story:

I’ve been hearing about the Diva Cup for ~10 years now. First from a woman who shared way too much information at all times e.g “You have to see this bra! It gives me the best support! Want to see the difference?” The answer was no. Then from someone who is a bit of a hippie Martha Stewart which means that though I love her I never think that I can do the things she does. I have yet to be able to grow all my own produce to make the simple homemade garden salsa recipe she shared about 5 years ago to get me started on my gardening journey. And finally from someone who gave me a description that was like something out of a horror movie, with a straight face and enough shuddering to stop any further thoughts.

Then a high school friend who, in spite of not seeing in too long, I felt could be a trusted voice in this messy world of periods.

With her Facebook endorsements shining I purchased my Diva Cup, on sale for $30.

Day 1: She’s lost it. This is horrible. Great Google! This is a crazy story… she had it in her for how long!

Day 2: I maybe shouldn’t take advice from facebook friends no matter how cute their cat is and how compatible their pins.

Day 3: Not bad! I’ve got this now. I just needed to cut the tippy thing. Google you great liar!

Day 4: See, she’s still the same highschool rocker who has great knowledge! Thank god she shared. I’m going to save so much money!

It went on like day 4 for the rest of it. It’s month five and things are going bloody well!

Frankly this was probably the most expensive part of being female. I’ve gone from spending $20/ month on feminine care to not having purchased pads in months! I simply wear one the first day in case of leaking but then it’s all fine.

If you’re squeamish or don’t like dealing with the blood, avoid it! It gets less messy but seriously there’s always a bit of mess.

If you don’t have access to a private bathroom (one with a sink that isn’t shared)  when menstruating and have heavy periods, avoid it. My first day I’ve got to change during working hours but after that it lightens up and I can use the regular facilities.






3 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) International Women’s Day

  1. I bought a menstrual cup years ago, and was very pleased with myself that I got on the bandwagon early in my life so I would have greater savings (money and the Earth). I have tried to use it on and off for years, but I’ve always had difficulty inserting it, taking it out, and then it would be uncomfortable the entire time… none of it worked out for me. I’m really disappointed in that. But I’m so glad it works for you! For any other ladies in the same boat as me though, there’s one more Earth friendly option! Re-usable pads! They can be totally sanitary and are infinitely more comfortable than plastic pads. There’s an entire movement for reusable pads http://www.daysforgirls.org

    It totally gets my goat that women pay the pink tax. This is an obvious one, but less obvious ones are the products that society makes women “think” they need, while also shaming them for using them. Make up for example. We even put make up on for the “natural” look, because society doesn’t accept what real natural looks like. We might say “well women have a CHOICE and don’t HAVE to wear make up”. But men are never made to feel that they need to cover up blemishes or look more attractive to get a job or penalised based on looks. There’s a tax. Argh don’t get me started! Haha.

    Good on you for writing this post! Seriously. Menstruation is a perfectly normal thing. Hey men? You want your future wife to carry your babies and give you beautiful children? Well she’s gotta menstruate for that to happen. Let’s stop shaming perfectly normal bodily functions!

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    1. Love that you found an option that works for you! I was seriously nervous about this especially since I hated tampons and used them only for emergencies.

      Make up is a good example!

      I’m awful with make up and by awful I mean I wear it all the time. Which is hard to believe because 10 years ago I wore it only on special occasions. At the end of the day I put it on and forget about it but the process of applying it is always fun. A bit of a reminder that I can choose who I want to be each day. Today I’m the girl who is wearing teal eyeliner and red lips, yesterday it was shades of brown and gold. Tomorrow who knows!

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  2. tenleygwen

    Great post – glad the Diva Cup works for you! I finally switched from a copper IUD to the Mirena, and now I barely get a period. I wish I’d done THAT 10 years ago!


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