Planning a Vacation

When I think of a vacation I think of hours stretching out ahead of me with nothing planned but relaxation. It’s preferable if these hours can be spent beside a pool or body of water.  So far this year I’ve got two vacations planned and neither truly fits my ideal.

Next week I’ll be taking a staycation. I have vacation hours and I’m feeling overwhelmed with my life so the week is about relaxing and living free from lists. ML had originally taken the week off and had agreed that I could join him if I promised not to spend the week working on projects or dragooning him into day trips. Considering that this is my usual MO and I end up feeling even more exhausted after I agreed. This vacation isn’t going to get us dipping into our vacation fund because we’ve already planned to do no more than watch movies and hang out. It’s going to look a lot like the photo below and that’s a good thing!


In May we’ll be going to a friend’s wedding about 3 hours away. I originally didn’t think of this as a true vacation as it will be  busy and we’ll be fairly focused on the newlyweds. Then ML and I sat down yesterday and planned the trip.

We decided to leave on the Thursday so we could visit friends in a nearby city prior to checking in to the hotel Thursday night. Friday would be spent exploring the town or hanging out at the hotel’s heated indoor pool. Saturday will be dedicated to the wedding with us leaving on Sunday morning to visit friends in another nearby city and overnight with them. We’ll drive home Monday and take Tuesday to do groceries and laundry prior to returning to work on Wednesday.

Based on these goals the vacation will cost $1,260. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Hotel: $450
  • Gift: $210 (cash and card)
  • Eating out: $250 ($50/day)
  • Groceries (room comes with fridge and microwave): $50
  • Gas: $250
  • Misc.: $50

Based on last summer’s frugal vacation I was able to set realistic goals and feel confident that we’ll be able to stick to this budget.As we’re going to the wedding and will also be seeing friends who live in cities near the wedding location the $1260 seems reasonable.

The tiny hiccup is that based on my current savings plan I won’t have the $1,260 saved for May and then won’t be able to save enough to road trip again in August. Starting this next month I need to increase my vacation savings line to $200 to have enough money to enjoy everything.

This adjustment is going to have me really focusing on ways in which to save without feeling like I’m scrimping. It’s helpful though to know that I’m saving for some very specific goals.

Any tips to ensure that May is a frugal vacation would be greatly appreciated!

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6 thoughts on “Planning a Vacation

  1. tenleygwen

    That sounds like a great trip! I wonder if you could manage a cheaper stay through airbnb? The hotel is a big chunk of your budget, and the other categories would be pretty difficult to tame. But if $200 savings for vacation/month gets you there, maybe take a look at monthly subscriptions you could cancel just until May. If you have a gym membership you can often put it on hold without canceling, and then there are tons of workout videos on youtube. And if you haven’t cleaned out your house in a while, you might find enough merchandise for a good old-fashioned yard/garage/sidewalk sale.

    Meanwhile, have a terrific relaxing staycation! That sounds reeeeeaallly good right about now!

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