Countdown to March

There were just 3 days left to the end of the month and I had $20 still available in discretionary spending. I’ll take you on the rollercoaster ride of this $20.

It isn’t bad. I mean loads can be done for less than $20. It’s not great when I had anticipated having $50 to play with. On the other hand, I had paid for a $40 night out using my budget rather than my fun fund. So really it means this should have been $10.

In that light, $20 is cause for a celebration!

Here’s what I needed that twenty to do:

  • Buy groceries for the start of the week
  • Buy a cup of tea with a friend

First stop groceries. I figured out what I would like to make and checked the flyers. For $14 this was my haul.


Not bad at all! I’m especially pleased that I was also able to add to the hosting stockpile (soft drink). All the rest are items to be consumed/ included in a recipe by Tuesday.

That leaves me with $6 to cover tea. I think that I’m going to make it and it feels good!


7 thoughts on “Countdown to March

  1. Woo! Well done! Big wins are made up of all these little wins.

    On a completely unrelated note – is your dashboard working? Mine is completely not loading and I can’t access my wordpress blog manager at all, unless I go in through the roundabout way to get into the classic dash. It is literally doing this on the day I was about to announce that I am sticking with rather than moving it to my own hosting. Argh.

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    1. Thanks!
      I had some dashboard trouble look last week but it returned to its normal self in a few hours. My problem was that I couldn’t find any of my drafted or scheduled posts. When i googled it , the answer was that apparently WordPress does this sometimes and tends to sort itself out.
      Hope it’s back to normal now.


    1. Thanks! Having the blog has helped a great deal. Knowing that I’ll be sharing my journey has kept me honest 🙂
      I’ve been trying to shed the same debt for ~5 years so watching it diminish is exhilarating!

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