I Like New Me!

When we purchased our home I had a very clear idea of what I wanted.  Since I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to get it I kept looking in my price range and being selective. Lucky for me we purchased my (almost) perfect home.

I’m thinking of this now as friends of ours are purchasing a new home and a few acquaintances are moving up to ‘better’ homes. I remember when we were house shopping feeling poorly because all the good homes were out of our price range and I suspect the person I was then would have been rather jealous of the homes some folks are moving into.


There’s been a few surprising upsides of budgeting and blogging and this has been one of them. I was preparing myself for the envy I was going to feel when these folks shared where they would be living, as I know they easily make doubly our household income. Instead I felt joy.

Joy! That was it, I was thrilled that they found a home in a neighbourhood that they love. I’m excited to see how they decorate and I’m looking forward to making desserts for their housewarming party.

It sounds petty that I was prepared for envy but I understood that the envy would probably come from a place like this:

  • Oh the things we could make in that kitchen!
  • It would be lovely to have a bedroom that could fit everything and all my clothes could live in the same spot
  • Formal dining room! Yes please, Honey we’re starting Sunday dinners now.
  • Then finally: wouldn’t it be nice if we could live like this, if only we had more money.

The feeling of excitement caught me off guard so I started to poke at it. Goodness know I can’t just be happy. Here’s what I found:

  • My focus on my budget and all the things I can do while living with my means has made me grateful for my life
  • The KonMarie exercise has left my home feeling spacious so I’ve stopped lusting for larger cabinets
  • I’ve slowly been adjusting my dream home requirements to suit my current home. For example I’ve always wanted a bar. One that I could stand behind and display funky glassware on. As this wasn’t feasible in my space I created a really simple one that allows us to display our liquors and some of our glassware.It’s not the dream one but it’s been so functional that it no longer feels like a poor alternative and I’m happy with it.
  • Though there are things I’d love to  have if we move to another home I’d also be perfectly happy if this were our forever home

Have you found any surprising upsides from budgeting?

Photo courtesy of Simon Howden via freedigitalphotos.net


13 thoughts on “I Like New Me!

  1. livinwithgrace

    I am less likely to buy some random thing I do not need when I’m at the grocery store… And I save more than we did when we didn’t keep track of where our money went

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  2. Planned purchases are the key. Of course, when I shop and am hungry, it’s hard to keep within a dollar amount! I have been known to buy something to nibble on while I shop…neither satisfying nor a good idea for me.

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  3. I’m a newly budgeting person and the first Thursday before a payday Friday that I still had enough money to buy lunch, my coworker was shocked! She actually commented about it because there were many Thursdays that I had to borrow money from her because we got paid the next day… embarrassing!!

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  4. tenleygwen

    What a great post — budgeting really is eye-opening in ways I wouldn’t have expected! And gratitude for what I have is high up on the list. I’m about to start the KonMari process this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to getting rid of some dead weight. My little house could stand to feel roomier!

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    1. Thanks!
      Good luck with KonMari, it was fantastic but emotionally exhausting. Once done I couldn’t believe how much better it felt.
      In spite of being a bit of a pack rat I haven’t fallen back too far into my old ways 🙂

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