The Prosperity Game


This morning Karen commented on yesterday’s post and shared a link to the Prosperity Game. Karen, thank you so much for suggesting this! You turned a humdrum morning where I was craving crawling back to bed into a great start to the day.

I’m ashamed to say that though I thought it interesting I wondered if it would really do any good. What’s the point of pretending to have $1,000 to realize that this isn’t my reality? It sounded a bit depressing actually. But of course there’s a but.

In spite of these initial doubts I tried the activity and a funny thing happened. As I was planning my pretend massage I started to loosen up, I the pretended that I was in an exotic spa with Bunny therapy (rather than feeding the rabbit) I relaxed into petting her. Within 5 minutes my tiredness turned into excitement and relaxation.

With such a good start I pulled out a notepad and wrote today’s date and $1,000. Here’s what I pretended and paid for this morning:

  • $250 a one night stay for us in a super fancy hotel that we visited years ago
  • $250 a couples massage in a soothing spa followed by a manicure and facial for me
  • $40 cozy, healthy breakfast with tea (I was in my wonderfully soft housecoat)
  • $100 sushi dinner with sake at a sleek, modern restaurant

I suspect it worked because I was using my imagination the way I used to play pretend as a child. While I knew that it was fantasy it also felt quite real. The other benefit I’ve found on day 1 is that I’m changing my world to suit my fantasy.

I’m going to have a specially prepared  rice dish (chinese leftovers) at a quiet spot (my desk) in a few minutes. The fantasy works better if I clear my desk of the papers and administrative clutter much the same way that I used to dump all my toys out of a box so that I could use it as a table when I was having a tea party. So the real world benefits are both relaxation and tidiness.

I was chatting with ML about this and I do wonder if I’ll still be floating on day 20 when I would have money in my pretend account to give us our dream kitchen. We also got into a conversation about play. I remember playing as a kid, the hours of entertainment a few toys provided, but I can’t seem to remember how to do it. This adult version seems like a great way to incorporate more play and imagination in my life.

How do you incorporate imagination into your adult life?

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