My Anti-Bucket List

This post has been inspired by the lovely Georgie Moon who shared some fantastic prompts.


I really liked the idea of an anti-bucket list because when I consider a bucket list it’s a things to do. I want to swim with dolphins, go in a hot air balloon, and visit England. Great goals that are meaningful to me but I noticed something about them. All of these things involve me saving my pennies and working hard to be able to check them off. They also function as bragging points and things I can use to make others feel a bit envious of my fabulous life.

When I saw the anti-bucket list I instinctively went with emotions. So here are a list of things I never want to do:

  • Wonder if my life has been useful to anyone else
  • Feel like I’m drowning in debt, again
  • Feel like my dreams are so far out of reach
  • Live in fear
  • Stop doing things that scare me – I seek every opportunity to pet snakes because they scare the bejeezus out of me
  • Stop dancing when the mood strikes me
  • Stop belting out songs when I know, or think I know, the lyrics
  • Live my life according to what other people think I should be doing (this is on the gotta stop list)
  • Have ‘friends’ who are negative and don’t brighten my world because I don’t want to offend them
  • Stop laughing at myself and silly situations
  • Lose the ability to see the wonder of a sunset, the way snow settles on trees or the waves crash upon the shore
  • Not feel like I can have people over to my home
  • Live in filthy surroundings (I’m thinking of piles of stuff everywhere)

It didn’t take long to create this list but it showed me a bit more about myself. Based on this list I’m someone who wants to live in the moment, feel comfortable in her own skin and enjoy the little things. Not bad things to put on my bucket list!

Image from here.


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