Happy Valentines Day

We tend to treat Valentine’s day like a Day O’ Fun. This means that we make it about just hanging out with each other. Often we end up doing something near the 14th and claim that as our special date. In fact we had purchased tickets to an event with friends later this week.

This year as it fell on a Sunday and we were both not working we decided to do dinner and a movie. ML is a comic book fan so when we realized Deadpool was coming out on this weekend we thought we would go see it. I had no idea how popular this movie is! For a small upgrade fee I could prebook and to be honest it was worth it.

The plan was to head to restaurant for chimichangas before the movie, however, since we hadn’t really budgeted for Valentine’s Day plans it felt a bit much. Instead ML recommended we look up if it would be feasible to make.


It was surprisingly easily! In 20 minutes i was able to have a Valentine’s dinner on the table.For an unplanned Valentine’s Day it was awesome and kept within the budget.

Tomorrow is a holiday here so we’re having a another Day O’ Fun. We’re heading for a skating party for a local charity, playing board games, and watching Netflix.

How was your day?


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

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