Debriefing January 2016




  •  # Buy nothing days : 15 days
  • # times used S’mores Maker (aiming for 8 uses in 2016): 0
  • # times used champagne saucers (aiming for 7 uses in 2016): 2
  • # times ate out: 6
  • # activities with loved ones: 9
  • # months until home improvement fund: 7 months
  • % over or under budget: 6% under budget
  • % consumer debt paid off: 18% for a total of 63% of the debt being paid since August.


  • I was able to used leftover budget money from December to pay for guitar lessons.
  • Someone posted about Reebee and I downloaded the app which is making shopping and comparing flyers much easier.
  • Cooked loads and was able to adjust recipes to suit the pantry.


  • I left my savings alone
  • I’ve updated my budget so that I reflect long term (job loss/retirement funds) and short term (vacation, life happens, car, gifts, taxes, home insurance, medical) funds.
  • I’ve decided that any money that is leftover from my variable expenses will be put over in my ‘fun fund.’ I tend to round up my bills so I can have a bit of wiggle room if I get hit with a late fee or lose a discount. Money leftover from bill payments will go toward that large debt bill.


  • February is going to be tough! I’ve got a conference, 3 lunches and 1 activity for ML & I with friends at a restaurant.
  • I’m going to have to remind myself quite strongly that I want my debt paid off in 7  months!
  • Don’t get caught up in sale hype. If you don’t need in the foreseeable future don’t buy it (Looking at you tinned veg that was ‘on sale’)
  • I probably won’t be this far under budget next month as I had intended to start investing a bit this month and wasn’t able to meet with my financial advisor.


I’m really pleased with this month’s spending! I’m having a hard time believing that I came in under budget as I had slashed the spending budget by 25%  to accommodate increased savings for the car and house insurance.

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