Looking Ahead to February


January is coming along well. As you know I try to count my weeks by weekends. I do this because I tend to spend the majority of my money on groceries, entertaining and gas which are often purchased on the weekend.

So for me the last week of January bleeds into the first week of February. This is really good news! February is a bit scary. At the beginning of the year I had an idea of some costs that I would incur in each month. Even then it looked like there were some big ticket possibilities in that month.

One of ML’s childhood friends invited us to his birthday party. We haven’t seen this person in 2 years due to the craziness of all our lives so a birthday is always a great excuse to visit and celebrate. He’s hosting his birthday at a buffet restaurant near his home. To prepare for the bill I called ahead and found out that it’ll be $30/person, with tax and tip we’re looking at roughly $80. That’s a pretty big unanticipated cost right at the beginning of the month!

Realizing that I need to be even more cautious than I thought I created my weekly budget tonight. Here’s how it’s currently breaking down:

Week 1 34%
Week 2 19%
Week 3 13%
Week 4 16%
Week 5 14%
Unassigned 3%

I know for many people the aim is to assign each dollar a job, and though I’ve included some miscellaneous spending each week that unassigned 3% gives me peace of mind. It’s my reminder that I’ve got some extra money if I go over. If I don’t it’s a small amount that can be put into my lovely leftover budget account.

What are your plans in February?

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