The Marathon Begins

I’ve currently got one of those awful colds that makes your eyes and ears itch, appetite disappear, and head fuzzy. As you’ve probably guessed I’m miserable. I tend to be a positive person and search for the silver lining.

Here it is: Dr. Who is coming off Netflix. I started watching it because a lot of the smart folk I know seem to have a fascination with it. I thought I’d watch and see if I would enjoy it.

I love it! Small problem: I’m only on season 3 of 8. That’s about 70 hours of TV. So my silver lining is that since I’m sick as a dog I can binge watch to my heart’s content.

The other plus is I won’t be tempted to pop out for a meal or quick visit with anyone.

Do you have any happy memories of Dr. Who? What do you do when you’re sick?


9 thoughts on “The Marathon Begins

  1. Lot’s of fluids (especially water) and green tea, soups, echinacea or olive leaf (for immune support,) rest, 15 minutes of slow walking if strong enough and if lungs are clear (to help clean the lymphatic system) small simple meals (vegetables and chicken breast or broiled sole, flounder or tilapia), colorful mixed berries.

    Just thought I’d send a few suggestions. Hope you feel better.

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  2. I’ve been meaning to watch Dr. Who as well.
    Good way to see the silver lining. Let’s just see whether you are really able to sit through all those seasons though! I binge watched Friends when I was sick and I felt like a brainless potato after only one season haha πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s fantastic! Though I don’t recommend binging, I think it’s better savoured. I was able to reach Season 5 but need
      to take some time to absorb what’s happened.

      It looks like the library has some of the seasons so I might get to see it all in the end :).


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