Fix What?

I can hem pants, sew buttons and darn socks. The problem is that I often don’t do these things because I don’t do them well. In the case of buttons, not only don’t I excel at button adjusting but I often have to go seek out buttons. Hence it’s easier to put them in a mending pile and after a long wait get rid of the item.

Not very frugal. Then something comes along that I refuse to do without and I go the extra mile to extend it’s life. For me it’s this pair of interesting grey herringbone pants. They’ve got some rather cool design features that make dressing up a bit more fun. One of the design features are 6 black snaps that serve no real function.

The snaps were painted and after a few times in the laundry the paint chipped away leaving them looking sad and not in the least bit professional.


There’s no way I’m giving up these pants but there’s also no way I can wear them to work and be taken seriously as someone with an eye for detail.

Luckily I have a bottle of black nail polish leftover from Halloween. It turned out to be just the ticket to make the wear and tear a bit less visible. This sort of mending is right up my alley! I can do it in less than a minute and errors don’t matter.


Do you have any easy mending or care taking tips to extend the  life of your wardrobe?




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