January: Week 3 or the week I overspent

It was going well. My grocery bill was just pennies under budget, I had dipped into my miscellaneous fund for a few dollars and I was tracking to come in under budget. Then it happened.

I’m part of a committee raising funds for a local organization and at our most recent meeting we decided we should all wear themed items so we’ll be easily recognizable in the crowd. I was all for it as I saw the benefit of this idea. The downside is that I’d already budgeted for the event and had used the budget.

I asked ML to go shopping with me as I knew he’d help me stick to my new budget and get something fashionable.

“No more than $20,”I declared, ” all the things should be discounted now that Christmas is over.”

The first store I went to was sold out as the item I wanted was part of their Christmas stock, in fact all but one store was sold out. That store was charging $60! I knew I was blowing my budget but I still wanted to control the rate at which I did it.

One of the stores mentioned that a location one city over would have what I want. Desperate, and quickly realizing that in spite of not being able to walk into a clothing store in December without being faced with the item January was not so kind, I decided to make the drive.

Boy am I glad we did! The item was marked down by 70% and they only had one small left.

So I am over budget by 4% but I’ve adjusted the rest of the month in the hope that this hiccup will not throw off my careful planning.



6 thoughts on “January: Week 3 or the week I overspent

  1. Do you follow the Dave Ramsey budget method? We took his class last year and it sounds alot like what you are doing. 4% isnt too bad we completely fell off the band wagon this month and have to get back on. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. Though I’ve been aware of him I haven’t researched his methods. In my neck of the woods we’ve got 2 debt gurus that I tend to turn to for inspiration.
      I’ve found that a lot of the advice is quite similar. At the end of the day we need to spend less than we make and save.
      I’m so glad this worked as a reminder :). You’re right, The 4% isn’t bad and I’ve already been able to adjust this week’s spending.
      Did you enjoy his class?
      Best of luck getting back on the wagon!


      1. Yes it was very helpful for budget and for insurance and 401K tips and tricks. Plus you get to have it for life so you can go take classes over and over as you go through the baby steps.

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