Challenge Accepted! But…

I love those time challenges that make their way around the world. Spending challenges, saving challenges, push up challenges. You name it I want to try it. So when I came across a list of pre-existing challenges that I could explore I was in seventh heaven. I may have lost a few hours delving into the nuances of each of them.

Here’s the downside of challenges: I try them as stated and feel awful if I don’t do them exactly.

The fix is simple: I need to adjust the challenge to better suit my lifestyle while achieving the purpose of the challenge. I did this when I used the KonMari method and I got the benefits of the system without feeling awful about myself.

One of the things I had loved when I originally did the KonMari method on my clothing was the fact that I adored every piece in I owned. When I brought out my winter wear I did a mini version of the exercise but thought I’d do it after I had a chance to wear the pieces and see what suited me.

After reading all the challenges I opted to attempt Project333. I emptied my closets and drawers and started counting pieces. I was miserable. I was stressing because I couldn’t get my clothing down to 33 pieces forget having the total number of clothing, accessories, jewelry and outerwear.

“This was so much easier when I was basing it on joy!” I told the very patient ML who was forced to bear witness to this insanity. After griping a bit more about the stress of this I decided to base it on joy. I emptied all the clothing on the floor and started picking things up that I would wear in the next three months that filled me with joy.

No stress! Even better I filled 2 bags with clothing to be donated. I filled a tub with clothing that I couldn’t reasonably see myself wearing in the next three months. These items still made me happy but I couldn’t see myself have an opportunity to wear them in the next 3 months.

With this technique I came down to 35 pieces of clothing for the next three months. I continued the paring down exercise with my shoes and outwear bringing my total to 46 items. The nice thing about the project 33 challenge is that every person who has blogged about it has mentioned that it’s about paring down, you can figure out what number actually works for you.

Here’s how it currently breaks down:

  • 35 pieces of clothing
    • 7 sweaters
    • 9 tops
    • 4 dress pants
    • 4 pairs of jeans
    • 7 camisoles
    • 5  dresses
      • 9 of these pieces can’t be worn at work as they’re too casual
  • 7 pairs of shoes
    • black pumps, silver flats, gold flats, brown heels, 2 winter boots, red heels (for charity event)
  • 3 jackets
    • long winter coat, short winter jacket, Polar Vortex winter coat
  • 1 pair of mitts and a hat
  • I haven’t counted my shawls (which I use almost daily) or my jewelry. Though I’m trying to be more mindful of using a select few.

I’m feeling really good about this and I’m now tracking to see the variety of work outfits I can arrange.

8 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted! But…

  1. Great post, because I have just heard of this joy method of sorting through clothes. I keep things I love too, and have a very limited space. So I added this:when a new piece comes in, an old piece gets donated. It keeps me organized. The current season is in closet and dresser, the the opposite is in one large bin and on one one hanging rack in our basement.

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    1. Thanks! That’a great idea as well of giving up something when another piece comes in. I’ve struggled with that one in the past.
      I also separate my seasons, it’s such a great feeling to see all my ‘new’ clothes again.

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    1. Thanks! It’s going well . The surprising benefit is that when I come home I now put on presentable ‘lounge wear’ rather than immediately throwing on oversized pjs or ML’s t-shirts. Previously I wouldn’t because I didn’t want to dirty ‘going out clothes.’ I’ve definitely seen an increase in evening productivity!


  2. Hahaha! Funny how we have that mentality! I wonder if there are two types of people. People who know the concept of “home clothes” and “going out clothes”, and people who just have “clothes”.

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