Look How Far We’ve Come!

Jess over at 365 days of carpe diem recently wrote a post that got me thinking of gratitude in my own life.

When I was sixteen a colleague overheard some employees complaining about the owner of the store that we worked and shared a nugget of wisdom that’s never left me:

You cannot be envious of other people’s successes if you aren’t willing to work as hard as they did and make the same sacrifices.

She wasn’t saying you can’t have this emotion, she was forcing me to look at the work that success took. Now when I feel envy I immediately think if I have made similar sacrifices or if I would be willing to do that.

Over the past few years I’ve gotten much better at not feeling awful because I don’t have as many things as other people. I use the advice and do a gratitude check.

With my focus on saving, I’ve now become envious of other people’s retirement nest eggs. There are blogs and books I read and I think, “I wish I had your life. I want to have $100,000 in savings, I can’t even get close to maxing out my tax free savings in a year!”

Then I can allow myself to feel overwhelmed and awful. That’s when I let those words of wisdom quiet the negative committee in my head:

  • How did this person save $100,000 in such a short period?
  • Are those steps I’m willing to take?
  • Do I need to save $100,000?
  • If yes, what steps am I willing to take to achieve my goal?

When I get a bit jealous I also take a look at this blog. I can see my progress. I can celebrate each of my personal wins and treasure each step I take towards having a fantastic retirement nest egg.

Do you have similar experiences?


2 thoughts on “Look How Far We’ve Come!

  1. Great response! I really like the questions you have posed as well – have I made similar sacrifices? Am I WILLING to? I think I will add those questions to my jealousy-combating-arsenal as well. Blogging/journalling really is a great tool to reflect on our progress.

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