January: Week 2 Down

This week was really quite good! I only used 75% of my weekly budget.

Planned Actual
Groceries 83% 52%
Misc. 17% 23%

The miscellaneous cost is my eating out: lunch with former departmental colleagues and tea with another colleague. The leftover 25 % is going to be added to the upcoming grocery budget.

Usually leftover money at the end of the month goes into a fun money fund. If it’s in this account I can use it on anything I like!

I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar. In fact, about ten years ago I was given a guitar as a present. I begged and pleaded for it, attempted to learn, didn’t have much luck and then kept it in its original box ever since. In January I got a flyer for a limited offer at a local music studio. The deal was you get a 3 trial lessons for $60 on an instrument of your choice. The Trial Lessons are usually $40/class so this is a huge savings!

Since I had fun money I signed up to learn to play the guitar. After one lesson I can now play This Old Man!  My fund won’t allow me to sign up for further lessons after the trial offer ends but my hope is that the trial lessons will give me the confidence to continue learning on my own.






One thought on “January: Week 2 Down

  1. My fingers seem to have decided they’re too stupid to play the guitar, which is odd since they have no problem dancing their way atop piano keys.
    Good luck with the lessons! You’ll have to make us a video sometime in the near future, so that we can hear you play! 🙂

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