Pour me a Drink

gatsby dicaprio

I can’t tell you when it began but for the longest time I’ve wanted to own champagne saucers. Maybe it’s because bellinis are usually served in them or they make me think of those Roaring Twenties, an era I’m enchanted by. Whatever the reason I’m fascinated.

When ML and I began to set up house we barely drank socially much less at home so we didn’t register for any bar items. At that time I only drank once a year on the wine tour so my wine glasses were purchased at the dollar store so that I could at least sip like an adult. Well my mismatched dollar store glasses are still going strong and due to their health and a lack of space I haven’t been able to justify purchasing different, possibly more appropriate, glasses.

This of course does not stop me from ogling stemware when we go out. Luckily, the price for the things I love is usually not in the budget and I’m protected from myself. Last month I was not so lucky. I was shopping for a friend when I saw a set of 6 champagne saucers for $8. They were perfect. As I had room in the budget for the expense I purchased them.

Of course that didn’t help the space issue. They’re currently living in our basement rather than with the stemware. The deal I made with myself was if I purchased something for the home that wasn’t necessary I would track the number of uses so that I would ensure that I wasn’t falling into the trap of buying interesting but useless items. With the saucers I’ve decided that I need to use the set at least 8 times this year for it to count as a good purchase. This shouldn’t be too hard as the coupe is a fairly versatile glass.




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