Kitchen Medicine: Cold sore


I’m not a doctor. I didn’t even take biology in high school so I am no position to give medical advice. I am, however, someone who is interested in using all available knowledge to combat illness. For me this means trying traditional medicine as well pharmaceuticals.

The other day I had that familiar tingle that heralds an oncoming cold sore. I haven’t had great experiences with cold sore creams so this time I turned to Google. Google offered many recommendations but the one I choose was garlic.

You’re supposed to take a clove of garlic, cut it, then press the freshly cut piece to the affected area for a few seconds. I held it until the stinging was uncomfortable. I did that three times the first day and was surprised when the next day the discomfort was gone.

This didn’t ‘cure’ the cold sore but it did make it less uncomfortable and seem to speed up the process.

Have you tried this? Do you have any kitchen medicine tips?

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3 thoughts on “Kitchen Medicine: Cold sore

  1. Garlic has enzymes that effectively address bacterial, viral and parasitic microbial infections. You can apply the garlic directly to the cold sore (viral infection) or take garlic capsules as a support for the immune system as a whole. It is a safe alternative that shortens the duration of the infection and reduces the pain quickly. You were wise to seek out this natural approach.

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