Debriefing December 2016



  •  # Buy nothing days : 9 days
  • # times used S’mores Maker (aiming for 15 uses in 2015): 7+0. This gets carried over into 2016 as 8 uses need to be had.
  • # times ate out: 7
  • # activities with loved ones: 20
  • # months until home improvement fund: 8 months
  • % over or under budget: 7% under budget
  • % consumer debt paid off: 17% for a total of 54% of the debt being paid since August.


  • I was able to purchase items that weren’t in the budget and not go over.
  • I’ve been using my credit card responsibly! This is huge and is a great win.
  •  I was able to not jump at original sales and get items deeply discounted e.g. finally got to colour my hair for less than $7! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while so I kept looking for a sale and finally found one I liked.
  • I was concerned in November that I would overspend this month, I didn’t!!
  • ML helped me take a second look at how I track the ways in which I pay my debt and it’s been eye opening! 69% since August  means that I have 31% more to go. I’ll keep my deadline as August for now so I don’t stress myself out but will aim to pay it sooner.
  • I was able to accommodate additional spending as I was generous when creating my original budget.


  • I left my savings alone! I was even able to pay for medicine and a household cost through my regular budget.


  • Weekly visits to the budget work for me.
  • The best way to use my credit card is to give myself a set amount when spending and calculate as I go so there’s no surprises when the bill comes.
  • I was off for 2 weeks on December so the temptation to eat out or visit a coffee shop was lessened, in January I need to keep the eating out to a minimum


This is the best December yet because I paid off debt and didn’t overspend. Here’s to a great 2016!

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4 thoughts on “Debriefing December 2016

    1. Thanks! I use an Excel document to track my spending, including those no spend days, and a calendar for my entertainment dates.
      We’ve got a big one on the fridge so I just count from there.


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