Touching Base

When I began my current role I instituted weekly meetings with my manager. We’ve both got an open door policy so this isn’t truly necessary but we call it our touching base meeting and keep it every week. The reason we do this is because though it’s easy to pop in and out of each others offices we can easily overlook items if we don’t take some time to review our projects.

Though I’ve been blogging fairly consistently I haven’t done a touching base with myself. When I began Saving Without Scrimping I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do on this blog. I hadn’t read that post for a while so this line really popped out:

I’m writing to track myself. I’m writing to forgive myself when I spend too much and to track the ways in which I do cut back.

I’ve definitely been tracking myself! Prior to blogging tracking myself was stressful . Before blogging it was very rarely a positive experience now I enjoy writing the monthly debriefs. I love preparing those posts as they not only give me a snapshot of my spending but of my life in that month.

Reading through my posts I realized that I don’t need to forgive myself for spending too much it’s a bit deeper than that. I need to say NO to things that don’t matter and forgive myself when I say YES instead. It’s that YES that gets me in trouble. If I say YES to something that matters to me then it’s not a bad decision as it’s helping me achieve my goals.

Since I’ve been achieving my goals I know I’ve cut back on my spending but it doesn’t feel like it because my quality of life hasn’t negatively changed. I am going to start blogging a bit more about frugal life because I know there are things I’m doing that are helping me save money in a host of areas. I’m always surprised by how short my memory is so I hope you don’t mind if you start seeing more posts about everyday life such as dinner recipes, household savings or entertainment finds. It’s only through writing about it that I’ll remember my own life lessons. If I hadn’t blogged about my vacation I don’t know that I’d remember all the tricks I used to stay in budget.

Are there things that you’d like to see?



4 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. Just something to help you, write down your post ideas on a notepad or in your phone’s notes section to help you remember. In the later half of December, I was just sitting at my desk messing around and I would have an idea pop in my head for a new post so I would write it down. It actually helped me come up with some series of posts that I think will be very popular in the long run. If you write it down then you can have a “bank” of posts that you can pull from if you are having a writer’s block.
    As far as what I want to see, I would love to see some actual numbers on how much your dinners cost and the instructions to make them. Just an idea.


    1. We’re definitely thinking along the same lines as I’m working on a few more recipe posts.

      I love the scheduling/drafting feature on wordpress as I jot down my ideas there and then flesh them out when I need a writing prompt.

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