Getting Ready: Kitchen

Since we’ve decided to make the kitchen renovation a priority we also need to figure out how we’ll live without a kitchen. We’re currently imagining that this room will just disappear from use so the rest of the house is going to have to pitch in.

I’ll start with items that we  have:

  • Chest freezer in the basement – so all our frozen food can be stored in this
  • Bar fridge – we’ll have to cook in smaller portions as it’s difficult going from a large fridge to this size
  • Utility sink –  this is located in our laundry area and needs a good scrub but we can easily do dishes in it
  • Microwave – this currently lives in the kitchen but can be moved anywhere int he house

The hard part is going to be without a stove or oven. So I put a call out for a toaster oven on a freecycle group that I’m a part of. In no time at all I had an offer! It was 2 cities over which isn’t very far in my neck of the words. $5 worth of gas and less than an hour later I’m the proud owner of a toaster oven.

Do you have any tips to help us prepare for this reno?


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready: Kitchen

  1. Tarp, Tarp, Tarp. One of the worst things about renovations is the mess afterwards. I would recommend tarping everywhere that the contractor and his crew might be in. This not only controls the mess but it can save things like electronics and your health from the particles that get loosened up and fly around the house.


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