So that needs to move up

When I began looking at the things I wanted my money to do in 2016 I had put in Start a Home Improvement Fund. We depleted that fund 2 years ago and haven’t worked very hard on refilling it. This was partly because the remaining pieces are rather expensive and felt almost impossible with our debt loads. Top of the list is the kitchen.

We’ve always wanted to  remodel the kitchen. The current space is small and the appliances that came with the house have been slowly dying. To help ensure that we didn’t waste money we promised ourselves that we wouldn’t get new major appliances until we renovated the kitchen. As our stove is hurtling to its demise the time has come to renovate the kitchen soon.

It’s a big financial commitment. We  know ourselves so we have to use a contractor. If we did it ourselves this will be a very expensive endeavor and we’d still probably end up calling in a contractor to ‘tidy up’ things. Luckily the man we work with not only does fantastic, timely work but he’s also a frugal soul.

Once we meet with him and have a quote we’ll be able to aggressively save for the kitchen. I’m not going to sacrifice my debt payments but I will be bumping this goal up. I know that once this project is completed we will save money. I think utilities and groceries are going to be areas we see this since newer appliances will be more energy efficient and having all our food in one location will help cut down on waste.

My budgeting exercises in the last few months have allowed me to stop viewing saving for this project as a terrifying goal but rather another adventure. Fortunately for me this adventure will definitely end with cake!




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