Movie Night

Last Tuesday ML & I went with a few friends to watch The Force Awakens. As I had paid for the tickets ahead of time I had forgotten to include movie extras (like dinner before and popcorn at) in my December budget. The day of found me taking a quick peek at my budget to see if we had the funds to indulge that night. It turns out that I had over-budgeted for entertainment so there was still money in that line.

As we were driving someone she told us that she’d treat us at the theatre so ML got a popcorn and drink for us to share. While I was enjoying the popcorn  one of the people we were with said to me he never wastes money at concessions. I was immediately on the defense giving him the story that it was a gift , that I don’t usually buy concessions, etc.

Then I shut up because in my discomfort I realized that I had made choices. I was also proud of my choices. I don’t know this guy’s financial situation but I do know that he goes to the movies almost every Tuesday. Even with a discount ticket he’s spending ~$40 a month at the theatre. I’ve never once thought, ” That’s such a waste of money! You could watch movies at home and have a gourmet meal for that price!” Well until now when I did the math.

He doesn’t know my financial situation all he saw was a woman who he thought was bleeding money.

Everyone makes the choices that are right for them at that time in their life. For me it’s all about saving without scrimping. Once I’ve paid my commitments i.e. bills, budgeted debt payment and savings the rest of my money is mine to spend however I like.  The deal I made with myself was that I would not go over budget.

As I continue to pay down my debt and feel stronger about my finances I don’t want to be the person who judges others’ spending habits. I want to continually recognize that how a person chooses to spend their money is very personal and has nothing to do with me. This blog was created for me to track my journey and share tips that work for me. My budgeting style won’t work for everyone, heck it wouldn’t have worked for the person I was 3 year ago!

Do what’s right for your finances and family. Listen to great advice and learn from other but know that you are the only person who has the key to your financial success.



3 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. Howto$tuffYourPig

    As long there are two people standing on the planet, there will always be two different opinions. The one that matters is yours. Paying down debt is so life sucking that I am a firm believer that it’s important to have balance. Life is short. Pay down a little debt, have a little fun. No need to explain yourself to anyone!

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