A fresh start

It feels like every year since we got married ML and I would cuddle around Christmas and talk about our plans to get out of debt. We’d set reasonable goals and be filled with hope. This was almost always a result of us having dug ourselves deeper into debt over the course of November and December.

This year however is different. Here’s why: we didn’t talk about it. You read that correctly. We didn’t talk about our debt loads and our plans because there was nothing to talk about. I haven’t been holding out we still have debt but this year the battle plan was drawn in July and we haven’t looked back. So I’m feeling powerful ending the year rather than afraid that I won’t be able to afford the life I want.

How are you feeling about your finances as 2015 draws to a close?




8 thoughts on “A fresh start

  1. Honestly, I feel really good about my finances. I make enough to pay off my student loans and really make a dent in them too. Such a big difference a year makes considering at the end of 2014 I was toiling away making just over minimum wage working underneath a tyrant for a boss.

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  2. Howto$tuffYourPig

    I feel great about our finances, but it wasn’t an easy road! Stay committed and focus on one day at a time and you’ll be debt free in no time! 🙂


  3. We’re feeling great here and excited about getting back on board with our debt snowball. We won’t be debt free by the end of 2016…but we’ll be a heck of a closer than we are now! Here’s to looking forward to following along with your journey toward debt freedom. Happy New Year everyone!

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