Boxing Day

I usually avoid sales that I know are going to entice me to spend on things I don’t need. Boxing Day, however, is different; I love shopping on this day.

Full of gratitude from my gifts the days before I’m less likely to purchase things I don’t need. I use Boxing Day  sales to purchase items for my gift closet. This year I gave myself a strict budget and offered ML the option of giving me a list.

He did and when I went shopping with a friend today I took my list with me. There are a couple proud moments today.

First, ML gave me an expensive list and then said only buy things if they don’t exceed my budget. He’s always been supportive so this isn’t a win. The win is that I didn’t feel guilty for knowing I wouldn’t be able to buy everything.

The food gifts were 50% off so I got 2 for the gift closet, 1 as a surprise for ML, 1 as a hostess gift for an event that wasn’t in the budget. This took up about 40% of the boxing day budget.

Since I had money, I started to look for ML’s items. The sales on his stuff weren’t so good so I just picked up 2 items.  When I cashed out I checked the total before paying and found out I’d be paying way more than anticipated.

This is the second proud moment. I asked the cashier if I could remove an item as the transaction hadn’t gone through. I didn’t give in to debt shame! I did say that I gave myself a budget and didn’t want to go over it.

As we moved away from the cash the friend with me mentioned that he  really admired the way I stuck to my budget.   This was great as a few months ago I would have been a bit bashful about asking a cashier to remove an item but I definitely would not have wanted to do it in front of a friend.

My boxing day shopping was an unqualified success!



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