What’s it Worth?

I was the first one to take in holiday gifts to the office. Mostly because I didn’t want to miss anyone going on vacation. The lesser reason was that I was afraid that if I waited I may feel that my gift ideas weren’t good enough and end up spending lots in last minute shopping.

Yesterday I opened the presents that I got from 2 of my colleagues and I was very surprised. Both had purchased beautiful travel cups. In spite of these being very thoughtful gifts I had a moment where I thought, “My fudge must look so cheap!”

I gave into the feeling for a bit and then pulled myself together. Since they had received my gift 4 days prior to reciprocating they both had ample opportunity to purchase a smaller token. I also realized that I consistently undermine the value of my homemade items. As ML pointed out, they gave me items that they perceived to be of similar value. It was a little shake to remind me that I need to stop under-valuing my gifts when I make them at home.

Here’s how I undermine my talent:

  1. I know the cost of my supplies so I assume that is the cost of the gift
  2. I enjoy what I do so I don’t think of it as work
  3. Since I don’t think of it as work I don’t count the time it takes to create the items

When someone gives me a home made gift I am always thrilled because it means that they carved time out  to think of me. Every time someone gives me a gift they’re giving me a bit of themselves but this is especially true of those handmade items because they’re also giving me their talent. So why in the world do I think that others don’t feel the same way?

Here’s to hoping I remember this lesson throughout this season!



6 thoughts on “What’s it Worth?

  1. I understand those thoughts as well. It is the homemade gift givers curse. We tend to evaluate based on the direct costs that we paid but we always forget one major area because we never pay for it with dollars…. Our time.
    Knowing the value of your time is just as important as knowing the value of money. I make roughly $20 an hour a work so assuming I spend 1 hour making and baking my gift, not only is the value of my homemade gift the cost of supplies but it is also that $20 that my hour was worth.
    With that logic, the cookies that I make 2 nights ago were roughly $35. Plus they were delicious so that adds an extra intangible value so those were some expensive gifts… from a value standpoint.
    Keep it up with these posts btw. I check quite often.

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  2. Howto$tuffYourPig

    I understand how you may of felt, but trust me…it’s not about the money. You should have been proud of the fact that you devoted your most precious commodity -time! Besides, they can keep the coffee cups, I would much rather have the fudge! Yum! 😊

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