Hours of Entertainment

As you know I’ve taken up knitting and loving it. I’ve been getting most of my yarn from a thrift store which as worked beautifully for me. However, I want to make a big project. I’m not ready for something advanced but I want something I can sink my teeth in and that I would use. So I decided to make this wrap, well a version of it:


I purchased it for my mum as part of her Christmas gift but I suspect that I can knit it as well. The problem with my thrift store yarn is that I’ve no guarantee that I will get enough yarn to knit something this large and I don’t want to create a patchwork shawl.

So I went to the expensive craft store to just look but they were having a sale so I was able to get 8 balls of yarn for only $32 versus the original $64.They’re a gorgeous colour and hopefully the correct type for this sort of pattern.

To be honest the $32 wasn’t in the budget, I put it under miscellaneous funds and said to myself, “Since November is the month of excess you should buy it.” I had purchased the shawl on sale but the cost of the yarn is significantly less than the original sticker price of the shawl.

As I haven’t had time to start planning this project properly I’m engaging in all sorts of justifications for my purchase . Here’s a selection:

  • Still cheaper than buying it
  • I’m making my own clothes!
  • I’m looking forward to at least 30 hours of entertainment
  • I bet my knitting will improve
  • Knitting has shown to have similar effects as meditation so entertainment and meditation in one ball
  • I’ll wear this for at least 5 months out of the year and if I take it to work it’ll be even more use
  • I’m going to learn to make my own pattern

Now I’ve got to take the time to play with it to figure out which needles to use and how to make this into a proper pattern. I’ve got 2 more things to complete for the Christmas gift list before I can start on it.

If you’re a knitter do you have any tips to help me create the shawl?


2 thoughts on “Hours of Entertainment

  1. You hit on something that I will be touching in one of my post in the coming months. You said you will get 30 hours of enjoyment from creating this one garment. That is close to $1 for each hour which is a price to entertainment to expense ratio of 1:30! Pretty awesome considering going to a movie ($14) with popcorn (10) and a drink (7) is 31:2. It’s all about getting the most bang for your buck. Not to mention you will be learning from this and that can lead to countless opportunities such as cutting your clothing budget and for gifting. Have fun making your creation!

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    1. I love that you did the math on this! I’m looking forward to your post.

      I spoke to another knitter this week who thinks I bought too much yarn. If this is the case I’ll be able to return the excess for a refund once I complete it by mid January. If I take longer I can get a much less exciting store credit.

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