December Week 1 &2

I had stopped doing weekly checks because my life got a bit crazy and  I was  feeling overwhelmed with the Christmas spending.

In December I went back to my weekly budget list as a way to roughly allocate funds and keep me on track. Now that I’m using my credit card again I find this extremely helpful as each week I’ve got an idea of how much I should be spending,

Last night I sat down after dinner and spent sometime plugging in numbers again. It was  a wake up call as though I’ve been tracking my categories accurately I haven’t been great at making the proper transfers on time. I cleaned up that minor mess which was a bit sad as it meant that I had paid even less towards my debt in November than I thought.

With November sorted it was time to move on to December. I had budgeted for a host of things that I ended up not having to pay for but did spend money on some gifts for me as well as some of the ingredients that I had budgeted for later in the month. Even with these items that weren’t budgeted for in weeks 1 and 2 I’m still tracking to be a under budget.

I’m really thrilled with my progress so far in December especially in light of my spending in November.


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