I saw this great idea on Pinterest of creating fudge in cookie cutters so that someone gets 2 gifts in one. I think this is one of my definite successes!


I got little holiday treat bags from the dollar store and gave them to the folks I work with. It was thoughtful, pretty and hopefully enjoyed by everyone.




6 thoughts on “Fudge!

  1. Last year, I got those little ceramic loaf pans for 33 cents each. I also got the bags to put them in. I’m planning on making some banana bread this weekend and giving them as gifts. I like the fudge idea though!! It sounds even yummier!


    1. Thanks! I’m so glad it worked.
      I’ve got 7 more events/dinners and 1 present to bake.

      My list is currently:
      2 -3 batches of chocolate truffles
      1-2 cakes (I’m trying a new recipe)
      3 undecided as they’re family dinners. I often take requests for those and base it on if other people are bringing dessert. Currently at least one of those will be a cheesecake.

      Then there’s New Years with 2 desserts to be made.

      Are you baking this year? Any recommendations of things to try are always appreciated :).

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      1. My baking is rather limited this year compared to your extensive list. haha
        I am making 7 batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies for my coworkers. That was going to be fudge but the amount of batches needed was just too much on the wallet.
        I am making 1 red velvet cake and 1 chocolate cake for Christmas.
        I think I am making a truffle for New Years but that is a little foggy right now.

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