What does this Season mean to you?


Warning: not about finance but faith. I’ve been posting a lot about my Christmas expenses which led to some introspection.

As a child I used to be profoundly sad for all those non-religious folks who celebrated Christmas with gifts and parties but didn’t ‘understand’ the true meaning of the season. Who knew I’d turn into one of those people I pitied!

In the past few years I’ve seen where the teachings of many religions and my own beliefs vary greatly on what I think are some pretty significant things. This led to me distancing myself from the Church as I feel that if you can’t get behind big tenets and aren’t going to be a force of change then you’re part of the wrong group.At this stage I’m an agnostic with Catholic leanings when pushed. This year it’s become important to me to understand what Christmas means to me versus what it meant.

It meant the waiting and preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ who came to the world to save sinners like me. Preparations included being more Christ-like (nicer person), seeking ways to make the world a better place (charity), and purchasing gifts for friends and family to show that you care (love).

All those things I listed in brackets are still the meaning of Christmas for me. It’s a time that we focus on being our best selves, to be grateful for what we do have and share with others, to be charitable and not just because the receipt deadlines is coming up, and to be loving. You don’t need a religious affiliation to do any of those things!


What does this season mean to you?

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