Off to a Good Start


When I budgeted for December I attributed $20 for every dinner I’m going to in an attempt to ensure that I cover the cost of my ingredients. I’m never certain if this will be accurate so today I went through my pantry to see if I had set myself up poorly.

I will be making 2 of these French Chocolate Silk Pies for which the only ingredient I’m missing is sugar . I also got addicted to Christmas Crack last year so I’ll definitely be making a load of that but I will have to purchase a great big bag of chocolate chips and butter.  I’m purchasing a huge bag of chips because I’ll also be making 5 minute fudge for which I’ll need to buy condensed milk. Finally it’s the Chocolate truffles for which I’ll need cream cheese.

I also need a bottle of rum for one of the events.

So my grocery list, with estimated pricing, for the baking is:

  • sugar ($2)
  • chocolate chips ($10)
  • butter ($15)
  • condensed milk ($10)
  • Cream Cheese ($15)
  • Rum ($25)
  • Evaporated milk ($8)
  • Vanilla Essence ($10)

Based on the above list I’m feeling confident that the baking isn’t going to blow the budget especially as I got a bit trapped and said that I would bake thank you gifts for some of our partners at work. All the things I’m purchasing will allow me to make loads of crack candy, fudge and truffles to give away as gifts. I’ve even got a bit of wiggle room if I’ve forgotten something I had promised to do.

What’s on your dessert list this season?


2 thoughts on “Off to a Good Start

  1. Brantley French

    I love that you giveaway fudge to your coworkers! That is by far my favorite thing to receive from colleagues. As for me, I bake a few things around the holidays. Chocolate cake is my favorite “I need a plate” desert that I make. That cake literally takes me back to birthdays and Christmas when I was younger. I like to make Reindeer Poop for my coworker’s kids. I usually tell them to let the kids try it first and then tell them what it is. Hearing their reactions are hilarious.

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