Christmas Gifts 2

Yesterday ML and I hit the mall to get our final gifts. My goal was to have all gift shopping done by the end of November so I could avoid the December crowds and the desperation that leads to overspending. I’m proud to say that I succeeded!

All that’s left in my future is to bake, cook and crafts. I even wrapped most of the presents.

Tonight I added up the cost of the gifts, not including money spent on ML and it turns out I overspent the gift budget by ~70%.

Here’s a few reasons for this crazy increase:

  • Secret Santa gifts weren’t included in my original list.
  • 2 people I intended to bake for I purchased gifts for instead.
  • I underestimated the cost of certain gifts.
  • I doubled the amount spent on the child’s toy.

On the other hand this amount is quite reasonable when considering:

  • I’ve presents for a ~30 people.
  • 8 gifts are currently homemade and I’ve got 8 more to go
  • I hadn’t taken hostess gifts into account in my original plan and was able to increase my homemade output.
  • A good portion of gifts purchased were on sale or part of package that was sold for less than its retail value.

Earlier this month I anticipated that I hadn’t budgeted enough so I’m not feeling badly about this. Especially as I know that everyone on my list will enjoy their presents.

Now to stay out of the shops and get cracking on crafting so I don’t end up purchasing emergency gifts because I’ve not prepared enough.

How’s your list coming?


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