What’s the point of cake if you don’t eat it?

I remember the first time I decided that I should give eating like a responsible adult a try. I thought the best way to do it was to join a healthy eating challenge at work. It was a time when skinny fat was hitting the media as a term for folks like me. We aren’t large but subsist on a diet that is usually associated with larger people.

That first time was fairly awful even with the slack I gave myself. I was used to no salad, fried foods and sugar on tap. I’ve come a long way from those days! I still occasionally have cake for breakfast and ice cream for lunch but the concepts of a healthy diet are so ingrained now that when I decide to re-set my diet by participating in a healthy eating challenge I’m not miserable.

As I’m currently working on getting my diet back to a healthy level, I realized that dieting is a lot like financial planning. After an intense bout of healthy living, even when you allow some sloppy habits back, the knowledge remains. It becomes easier to re-introduce those good behaviours and slowly becomes a way of life.

In my worldview, any diet worth its salt has room for some fantastic treats and my budget is the same way. In both my diet and my budget I do try to have my cake and eat it too. This time around I’m taking a reasonable portion instead of the entire thing in one sitting.



One thought on “What’s the point of cake if you don’t eat it?

  1. It’s all about BALANCE. I used to teach my patients that meal plans only work if they include all the foods we enjoy in life. I believe a great rule to follow (that is also REALISTIC) is:
    Feed your body what it needs FIRST! No cake, no ice cream UNTIL a FULL HEALTHY MEAL gets into the gut! Then, if you want ice cream or cake, go for it. The odds are you will eat significantly less “bad stuff” (out of choice) without skimping on the “good stuff” your body needs.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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