Trying to maintain Financial & Physical Health

I had mentioned a work challenge that a colleague had shared previously. There was no uptake on this which is rather unfortunate as I was hoping for some backing at work.

My personal goal had been to eat less processed foods which hasn’t been working out so well. Our combined work and social calendars have made it difficult to plan meals properly and though technically we’re eating in the groceries have been on the more processed side.

The other difficulty has been that I had forgotten how often people want to go out for a meal as the weather gets colder. Even with increasing my budget line to consider a couple miscellaneous restaurant visits I would still be over if I said yes each time.

This year I’m determined to keep myself in both financial and physical shape at the end of this year!





One thought on “Trying to maintain Financial & Physical Health

  1. Weekends are a great time to prepare and store meals for the week. This helps when time becomes short as the work day begins. Pre-planning meals satisfies the question, “what do I feel like eating this week?” This makes for healthier choices and satisfies the “emotional” food question. I hope this helps.

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