I promise I’ve got enough

I joined my mum on a shopping trip for her. It was a fun day but I did give her a bit of a scare. As I had already done my purchasing for shoes I didn’t try on anything and I resisted the urge to pick up any cute items that caught my eye.

I thought this was me being a responsible adult, unfortunately she thought this was a sign of financial trouble. In the car after the trip she began with this,”I don’t mean to pry but are you guys alright? I don’t mean your relationship…your finances…are you guys okay?”

Of course I gave her an emphatic yes but then explained that we do have money I’m just trying to be careful how I spend it as I was a bit reckless and now have consumer debt. I’m not sure how much I eased her mind, I know my parents want to give me everything. I suspect if they could they would pay off my debts and give me a clean bill of financial health.

The problem with that scenario is that I don’t know if it would stick. I feel like my debt is like some viruses. If I get in debt it becomes easier for me to fall back into this illness but in my struggle to get over it I build up an immunity. Therefore once I’m out I’ll be stronger, I’ll be able to withstand some situations that may have originally toppled me in the first place.

Here’s to us getting over our debt and being stronger!


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