Update on Posting and weekly check

When I first began I was posting daily and loved it. Unfortunately my posting has become sporadic at best due to the uptick in my work commitments. I love posting so I’m going to commit to posting on Monday and Thursday as a minimum.

So on to today’s post (let’s pretend it’s Monday):

I was off yesterday as I had accrued loads of overtime. It was absolutely lovely to be off on a Monday as I used the extended weekend to do some shopping so I could avoid the weekend rush. I made my list of items and compared it to the weekly budget I had created which was fairly good though I noted there were a couple items I forgot to add to the budget.

As everything was moving at a more relaxed pace I was able to make a note once I got back to the car of where my allocated funds were going. A few things came over budget and then there were the things I forgot to add to the budget (foundation is not cheap!). By tracking I was able to make a list at the end of the day and see how much money I’ve got for the rest of the week.

Let’s just say the anticipated spending and actual spending were vastly different. It’s not dire but it does mean that I’ve got to adjust my spending for the rest of the week. I’ve got 3 eating out dates that are going to need to be under budget so I’ve already gone online to 2 of the restaurants to see where I can shave a few dollars and still visit with my friends.

After skipping out on the end of October and seeing how bungled my finances got it feels good to keep a realistic eye on the figures again


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