Healthy work challenge

Yesterday a colleague suggested we take on month long  challenge to get ready for  December. Intrigued we asked for more details. There are a few floating but he began with a basic one:

  • 1.5 litres of water
  • 30 minutes of exercise
  • 30 minutes of mental stimulation
  • Eating out no more than 2 times a week
  • 2 individual goals

I like this idea, particularly the 4th point which is generally in keeping with my budget goals.

As he mentioned meditation works for the mental piece I’m going to use knitting and play either one crossword or sudoku per day.

I’ve been fairly rotten about exercise so I’m going to have to incorporate it into my life again.

My 2 personal goals:

  • Follow a clean eating diet with a focus on less processed food
  • 8 hours of sleep

Are you up for this challenge? What would your goals be?


2 thoughts on “Healthy work challenge

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