Looking Back on October

I’m hoping to do a proper debrief soon but October was insane. I got sick and then extremely busy with work while still getting better so I pretty much bled money in the latter part of the month.

As I realized this I dreaded looking at my budget which probably made my spending my worse. Well today at lunch I bit the bullet and downloaded my stuff.

It was a bit overwhelming as I was struggling to remember the reasons for some of my purchases and wasn’t able to get as detailed as I usually do. The really rough bit was when I realized I had overspent by ~ 15%. This made me take a hard look at what I was spending on. The culprits were:

  • Fashion – I purchased 4 pairs of shoes ( I returned 2 but got store credit instead of a refund…)
  • Groceries – I was sick so instead of cooking I’d drop by the store and purchase convenience foods
  • Entertaining – we ended up hosting a Halloween party and I may have gone overboard.

As you know I fib to myself so even with this gross overspending I still am able to pay a bit toward my debt but it’s not nearly as much as I’d like.

One of the other lessons from this month is that I do much better when every dollar has a job. This month we were supposed to have a lot of wiggle room as there weren’t a lot of planned outings/expenses. Next time that happens I’ll allocate a miscellaneous fund per week, this way I can indulge in my new freedom without crashing through my budget.

With Christmas coming up I’m a bit nervous about all the travelling and gifts so I’ll need to keep a strong hold on my budget to not start the new year poorly.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back on October

  1. Your approach to modify and use revisions to tweak out problems with budgeting will succeed with time. The brain is the first area that people need to adjust and you have already taken the bull by the horns. No panicking. We move on to the next month and tweak out some adjustments. You’re on the right path!

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