When an Attempt at Frugality Backfires

I had to park for 2 hours and decided that I really didn’t want to pay $10 for that privilege. Knowing there’s free street parking for 3 hours I was pleased that I had found a way to save $10.

It was a great win until I came out to a parking ticket. I had parked too close to the nearby driveway. Now in my area this is a rare ticket given by new officers or those who are haven’t given out enough. It was a bit of a kick as parking had now cost me $40.

A friend recommended contesting the ticket as he routinely does this and gets out of them. I can’t do this, mainly because even though I know this isn’t a law that is widely enforced I may have very well broken it. I didn’t have my measuring tape with me to whip out and and measure my distance from the offending driveway.

I’ll pay the ticket and chalk it up to someone doing their job exceptionally well, even if it’s a job I don’t like.

Have you had an experience where trying to save funds have cost you more?


3 thoughts on “When an Attempt at Frugality Backfires

  1. My car takes premium gas. I used my handy app to find the best price for gas. It required driving a few extra miles. The result was a price change by the time I arrived at the pumps. If I went to my original station (just down the block) I would have saved time AND money. Chalk it up to lessons learned.


  2. This just happened to my daughter. She took her cats to get spayed at a clinic so it wouldn’t cost so much. I think it was like $40 per cat and an hour away drive. A few days later, they both had terrible infections that took at least $500 to clear up at her regular vet office.


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