I Need Friends! (Too Desperate?)

Every so often I’d mention that I would love a site that would introduce you to people for purely platonic reasons. A lot of my friends have had huge life changes which means I see much less of them or have to book things ages in advance.

Last year I found the site! It’s called Meetup (I’ll let you google that).

Meetup is a website that has groups based on your geographical location and interest. I’ve only joined a few and through it have met a lot of people and gotten myself a few new friends.

A lot of the group events I’ve entered are free though I’ve attended a few at cafes or restaurants where there’s obviously been a cost involved.

If you’re looking for a way to meet people in your community, have a great day (or night) out, and spend little to no money find your Meetup!

A lot of our local organizations post their events on the site so I’ve gone book clubs, game nights, craft things and movies.

What do you do to have fun and meet new people?


3 thoughts on “I Need Friends! (Too Desperate?)

  1. This is a great way to meet new people. Not too desperate at all. As we get older it is difficult to find places to meet people. Activity events, hobbies with workshops, lectures, poetry readings are a few more places. Increasing a network of friends is always a good idea.

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  2. I have been having a really hard time making friends since we moved to Texas from southern California 14 years ago. One friend moved out of state, and I had a couple of friends pass away over the years. The one friend I still had here, had just started working full time and now I never get to see her. I tried meetup, but all the things they list are an hour away as we live in a small town an hour from Dallas so every thing is in Dallas and I have not been able to find anything closer yet. I will check it out again, but at 55 I find it is very hard to make friends. I have a full life with my husband, our kids and grandkids, but he works a lot and they have their own lives so I spend a lot of my days either talking to friends long distance, watching tv or working in my studio by myself.


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