October: Weeks 1 & 2 Down

Well I’ve been ill so the budget went out the window. However, my budget training seems to have kicked in and I’m still in good shape for the rest of the month. It really did all come out in the wash!

I spent more on eating out than anticipated but less on groceries.

I also attended a conference that wasn’t in the budget and went with a friend who loves to spend. It turns out I’m not immune to peer pressure, I ended up getting an express manicure and having drinks with her. The extra $40 wasn’t a great use of funds but neither is it something I’m beating myself up for.

Being sick meant that I wasn’t taking care of myself so my nails, which I’m usually quite proud of, were broken and chipped. In short, they were in need of a manicure. Usually I got to place close to my home when I reach this stage and spend the same amount on a full manicure.

The drinks, were also a bit of a success. Unless I’ve planned to have an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant I’ve begun passing. This is because I’ve started paying attention to the prices of bottles. I’m not at all keen to spend $8 on a glass of wine from a $15 bottle. As I’ve begun this budget journey I’ve realized that this woman doesn’t like to drink alone. If she’s having a cocktail she wants you to have one too, knowing that I enjoy a drink she’s often baffled and comments if I opt for a pop or juice.

This time I was a bit more prepared and asked for a Shirley Temple. It was a fun drink and didn’t cause the usual questions about why I’m not drinking.

I’ve only got a few friends who appear to derive great joy from their purchasing power. As I’ve begun curbing my spending I’m realizing that if I don’t match their spending they seem immediately suspicious and begin trying to push me to purchase items. When faced with this behavior I’ve no desire to disclose my financial status to these folks. Frankly what I choose to spend my money on is my business.

Sharing my financial journey with you is one thing, sharing it with someone who I don’t feel will be overly empathetic and may even feel judged is not something I want to do.

As I really do enjoy being with these folks I’m realizing I need to have a specific spending plan when I want to hang out with them.


One thought on “October: Weeks 1 & 2 Down

  1. It is interesting how weight loss and debt control share similar problems as it relates to friends. When doing well, friends have a tendency to (intentionally or inadvertently) sabotage the process by making comments that result in undesirable outcomes. Rather than expressing a desire to change one’s habits ( which seems to make other people self conscious about their behaviors,) it is easier to make excuses like:
    RE: FOOD
    1. I’m stuffed, I couldn’t eat another thing.
    RE: Spending
    1. Just got something similar and certainly don’t need two of them.

    Friends seem to handle responses like these more easily. It becomes a win-win situation.

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