My Adventures in Knitting

I learnt to knit at a very young age. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience so I dropped the terrible habit as quickly as I could.

As an adult I yearn to knit beautiful things. So I dusted off my “Learn to Knit” book from childhood and remembered why I had hated it as a child. None of these beginner patterns were really for a beginner. Dolls clothing and stuffed toys are really quite advanced when one is just starting!

I’m lucky in that I have a friend who has knitted on and off for years. When she becomes interested in something she immerses herself in it. She’ll read every book and blog and watch all videos. The beauty is that she isn’t stingy in her knowledge.

Recently I confessed that I’ve never completed a project as they all seem to take a long time and I keep getting muddled. She pulled out her bin of patterns and started her search for something I could do quickly.

Speedy Slippers was the pattern she gave me. This has probably been the best exercise so far! I’ve spent at least 7 hours on them and have lost count of the number of times I’ve started over as I can’t figure out how to fix my errors. In the meantime though I discovered what some of my errors are and tricks that help me. I’m learning more muddling through this pattern than making the endless squares of my childhood.

Once I get the hang of it I’m certain they will be speedy!

Do you Knit? Any tips or tricks to guide me?


6 thoughts on “My Adventures in Knitting

  1. V o n n a

    Patience and practice. Also, do things you enjoy even if it seems outside your skillset. Sometimes we limit ourselves because it’s not dubbed “beginner”. To not frustrate yourself find patterns that have one or two new techniques.


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