No Spend Month

I’ve read about a lot of no spend challenges and I thought I could take one on. I even signed up for a newsletter to help me with the challenge.

So far the emails have given me tips that I already know and attempt to follow. The big tip however is don’t spend on extras that you haven’t already saved for. I’ve already fallen on this one by going out for an impromptu team lunch, purchasing bake sale pans and a tray of cupcakes at an event. I was originally very skeptical of no spend challenges, mainly because of the title.

No spend is a bit of a misnomer it’s really a necessary spending plan. Necessary spending changes from person to person. This month I feel I need new boots. Need is a fairly strong word.

Will I die without it? No but I only have one pair of black winter/fall shoes. If I have more than one I won’t wear out my current pair too quickly. I also have a lot of clothing that would look much better with brown boots. Therefore it’s in the budget.

After the first week I know that a no spend challenge is not for me. As you know I tend to give myself strict limits and then feel awful if I don’t maintain them.  If I had taken the no spend challenge I would have felt terrible about the additional expenses this week.

My current weekly spending plan works for my needs. I am grateful that I explored the no spend as it highlighted that my current tool is the right one for me.


2 thoughts on “No Spend Month

  1. I have great confidence in you, but you often sound harsh with your “weaknesses.” Happiness helps encourage success. Viewing the big picture and measuring the trend (of budgeting) versus the day to day activities provides a better story whether progress has occurred. Those who view the stock market daily are more likely to panic and make costly mistakes. Those who design a plan of action and REVIEW the findings at predetermined intervals more likely succeed with substantially less stress.
    Determination is a wonderful trait. I simply suggest you step back (at predetermined intervals) and verify the trending direction you are heading. Forward is the direction of choice. Each person experiences a different stride. Longer strides are not better; they simply make it appear the goals will be accomplished faster. This is not necessarily true. Longer strides place greater demands on the physical body increasing the chances of injury. This can require recovery which may complete rest (NO MOVEMENT AT ALL.) It is my opinion that the proper stride is the one you can comfortably perform minimizing the chances of injury. This might offer metaphorically a gentler less stressful and happier approach to achieving the same goal.

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    1. I am absolutely ridiculous when it comes to my perceived weaknesses! It’s an issue in all aspects of my life which feeds my anxiety. I like your way of looking at it through strides. I’m definitely not standing still! Thank you for that analogy.

      One of the benefits of writing about my relationship with money is that seeing my feelings in black and white makes me see how ridiculous some of those feelings are. When I began writing that post I wasn’t sure how I felt about my spending last week. By the end I realized I had stayed within my weekly budget and considered all those expenses worthwhile. Did I meet my own standards? Yes therefore week one was a success.

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