Christmas Presents? It’s only October!

I’ve started saving for presents already as I really don’t understand how I manage to throw myself into debt every December. The month with its parties, gift exchanges and endless dinners comes on schedule each year.

This year IS going to be different! Partly because I already know what certain people are getting based on my gift closet. Last year we had a crafty Christmas with the majority of presents being made. Though this can be less expensive when not well thought out crafty Christmas isn’t cheap.

Last year I made:

  • arm knit blankets
  • body butters, sugar scrubs and bath salts
  • Cookies and breads in a jar

These were all greatly appreciated and I’ve had request for the body butters, scrubs and bath salts so those will definitely make it on the list.

This year I will make

  • body butters, sugar scrubs and bath salts
  • Cookies in a jar
  • Dip ornaments (putting dip seasonings into an ornament)
  • I’ll try my hand at knitting slippers
  • Bow tie hair elastics
  • Misc. treats in tins: cracker candy, candy cane truffles, Nilla wafer cake bites, etc.

The costs associated with these are:

  • ingredients: baking and seasoning
  • Yarn
  • Hair elastics
  • Containers for treats

One of the things I loved last year was that my evenings became a time to craft and do something in front of the television rather than just checking out when I got home.

There will be a few presents purchased as some folks on my list have wishes for things I can’t make.

Any tips or tricks for homemade presents?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Presents? It’s only October!

  1. I’m not quite sure why people would not appreciate home made gifts. It seems a gift is something that is shared with others because we care about them. If appreciation receiving a gift is based on tangible value it seems the emotional component is compromised. I thought giving comes from the heart; not simply because we feel we have to. I know there is no right or wrong answer, but a gift that someone took the time to create would be a gift I would love to receive.

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    1. Thank you! I re-read my post and realized I phrased it poorly. It sounds like I’ve got a few brats in my circle! I like giving people things they need or truly want. I’ve got a few people who would appreciate the gesture and thought of something I created but have no real use for the item. It’s really on me as I’d rather spend then $50 to purchase something they would use than spend 2 hours on something that won’t bring a whole lot of joy to them. An example is a gamer on my list – all he wants is games. If I were to make him a cheesecake he’d be thrilled but would get loads more use out of a game and I’d feel better giving it.

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  2. Janet

    I am sorry – but I think it means so much if someone has taken time out of their busy schedules to make something for me – to me, receiving a home made gift is so much more personal.
    Just my personal opinion

    – but I also agree that if knowing a person will not get use of something you make then sure buy a gift … lol


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